My life as a potter began in Japan, where hand-made pots are commonly in use for food.

I loved Japanese food and became aware of how beautifully presented food is a delight for all the senses.  I also realised how much hand made pots can contribute to the enjoyment of food.  


Now that I make pots in England, my pots are made for the kind of food we eat here.

Oven to table ware features quite a lot - casseroles and oven dishes of various shapes and sizes.  I also make large serving dishes, bowls and platters which make centre-piecesfor the table and give space for creative arrangements of food.  Some of the slab dishes are influenced by pots I have seen in Japan, where I now exhibit regularly.  I also make dinner plates, side plates, soup/cereal bowls and pasta bowls.


I am a keen cook and find inspiration in food for the work that I make.  I have a blog - potsandfood.blogspot.com - which includes recipes, pots I like to use and other sources of inspiration for potters and cooks.  I make recipe cards, sharing my favourite recipes, which give customers ideas of how they can use the pots which they buy.

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