My love for the material I work with has seen me move from a densely populated urban area to this quiet corner of rural Galloway. After my degree the desire to continue to learn about clay led me, eventually, to find an apprenticeship with wood firing, earthenware potter Jason Shackleton. Jason introduced me to the techniques of slip trailing and sgraffito and the use of a flame burning kiln to fire them which have formed the basis of my work since then.


I make pots with a purpose, pots for use in the home. My work, thrown in red earthenware is decorated with coloured slips and rich honey glazes. The decoration is applied to the surface of the pot whilst the slipped surface is still glistening wet. The nature of this means that patterns applied must be free and fluid to take full advantage of this state.


Firing in my wood kiln gives me a further connection to my pots that I feel I don't get from the electric kiln. I have been intrigued and drawn in by the process of wood firing since I helped at a couple whilst at university and then worked with one throughout my apprenticeship. After long thought and contemplation my wood kiln currently is a down draught kiln with a catenary arch fire box leading to a sprung arched chamber. The chamber is 27 cubic feet capacity, I wonder how long it'll be before I feel it is too small for me..


With red earthenware clays, slips and rich glazes I love the extra depth of colour and variation of tones that can be achieved with the flames. Being more involved with the pots and the whole process too is enthralling, the wood firing adventure has only just begun but I am so very excited by it and what it holds and where it might lead me

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